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System Directory

Shortline Contacts

Main Contact
Tara Struthers - - 306-485-6030


Grain Buyers

Harold Henderson - 306-452-6056

Adroid Overseas
Steve Foster - 306-570-1261

AGT Foods
Brent - - 306-525-4490

Western Milling 
Tim Reisenbichler - - 816-260-7241

Purely Canada Foods
Jonathan Meyer - 306-550-5005

Southland Pulse
Shawn Madsen - 306-634-8008

Matt  - 306-624-2371

Joel Merkosky - - 587-586-7891

Rayglen Commodities
Toby Torkelson - - 306-227-6552

Meraki Commodities
Greg Branscomb - 905-220-9519

Scolar Grain 
Andrew Haveman - - 402-344-1332

XPT Grain 
Grant Whitmore - - 306-525-0205


Loading Facilities

Pederson Heritage Farms 
801 Railway Ave, Torquay SK - 306-861-9484

Souris Valley Grain
#1 Railway Ave, Tribune, SK - 306-861-1727 / 306-861-2013


Site Development Opportunitiesder 


Rafferty, SK

Rail adjacent property with 50 acres can be developed to suit. With convenient access to CPKC and good access to local highways, this location is ideal for those looking to ship by rail in Southeastern Saskatchewan. 


Southall Wye

Our wye at Southall is the perfect location for transloading products or servicing railcars. With over 40 car spots of bonded rail, this location, previously used to load Crude railcars, is available for your next project.

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Long Creek Railroad

Long Creek Railroad is a vibrant short line railway in Saskatchewan, Canada. Rescued from discontinuation in 2005, we now run the historic CP Bromhead line, connecting Tribune to Estevan, where we meet the Canadian Pacific at mile 137.5 of CP Weyburn Sub. Our mission is to power progress and commerce across Southern Saskatchewan, ensuring seamless rail access, efficient operations, and growth for the region


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